My Clubs

During my professional career, our family lived in six states and three countries. My retirement in Missouri adds a seventh state, and the count climbs to eight when I include Georgia, where the United States Army graciously provided me with free room and board (and even a little spending money) at Fort Benning.

Anyway, as a result of these moves, I've belonged to several Amateur Radio clubs through the years, starting with the Grand Rapids (Michigan) Amateur Radio Association in 1960. Below is a list of the clubs to which I currently belong. Check out their websites for more information.
Saint Louis Club Memberships

As the name implies, MVDXCC is a group of hams who have a special interest in DXing and/or contesting. Monthly meetings are held at St. Luke's Hospital. The club often contributes money to major DXpeditions around the world. MVDXCC also serves as the tenth area ARRL QSL bureau.
SLSRC is a very active radio club in the St. Louis area with a membership of over 250. Monthly meetings with outstanding speakers are held at Missouri Baptist Hospital. The club owns and maintains seven area repeaters and holds weekly nets on the 146.85 MHz machine. It provides communication support for area public events and partners with other organizations to provide public service and emergency communications support across the metro area. Other activities include conducting license exam classes, hosting mentoring workshops, and much more. In addition, SLSRC has one of the largest annual hamfests in the Midwest (Winterfest) with over 1,100 in attendance.
The St. Louis QRP Society has been in existence since 1987. The success of the club is due to an emphasis on having fun. Meetings consist primarily of members taking turns in “show-and-tell” format. Some meetings feature volunteer speakers--both members and visitors. There is a Tailgate Sale meeting in September, and a Builder’s Contest in April. During warmer weather, impromptu operating often breaks out in the parking lot after meetings. The club has a monthly newsletter, The Peanut Whistle.
Other Memberships